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Analytic Report about Possible Hurdles in the process of the Implementation

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Google, YouTube, iTunes, OVI and guys like these earning billions on Mobile Subscribers, while Operator just have cost increase of their crazy traffic. It's not honest! There is a solution of how to take this profit back to Mobile Operator!


Leonid Denisov Mobile operators are dumb pipes. Pipes do not deserve more than 50% EBITDA, enough is enouh! 5 days ago


Oleg Dubinin DoCoMo is not pipe. Yota is not pipe. So, there can be a solution! 5 days ago

Leonid Denisov Yota is dumb pipe - their dreams not to be pipe will fail - their 2Gb/day*user are exactly dumb pipe indication. DoCoMo WAS not a dumb pipe in the pre-torrent and pre-Google age. Even in Japan they will become the same. 4 days ago

Oleg Dubinin The thing is, that whatever you see is alowed by Mobile Operators. If they want, they block youtube, skype and itunes, then offer instead they own video, Voip and music portals, correspondingly. So, it's just a matter of wishes... and business. 4 days ago

Leonid Denisov Mobile operators will be killed by competition if the start filtering or limiting Internet somehow. That is general law of Internet. They cannot block - I made, Megafon was trying to block it for 2 years but unsuccessfully. Megafon is talking about blocking skype and googletalk - that is stupid and will destroy Megafon if attempted - see the discussion in MegaFon group here. Verizon on the other hand is pre-installing skype for convenient use to all Verizon subscribers. That is normal market behaviour.
In the future operators have to live with 20-25% EBITDA and 5-10% Net Income - they have to become like utilities. 4 days ago

Stepan Patratiy I'm wondering what would have happened if Google actually won those 700Mhz licences in US.. What if the best service company built a GSM network, became an operator as well. That might be interesting imo. I'd say the effect might be similar to what have happened to handset market after iphone came out - literally everyone is using capacity based touchscreens these days.. 4 days ago

Oleg Dubinin Good example with Google! THey want own network (they have one cable already, in fact) for make more money on their business - advertisement (in search and on youtube). So, the same for existing mobile operators - they can remain tube, or convert business to content/applications/advertisement and use their "transport network" let say, into competitive benefit, compare to pure WEB companies. Something like - same services, but operators have transport as COST level, while Moogle-Shmoogle agencies have to pay for it on PRICE level (cost +50% now and cost +25% in the future, as Leonid says).

The question - do they willing to? May be not. However, WILL and CAN - different questions!
4 days ago

Leonid Denisov They cannot! 4 days ago

Stepan Patratiy They can not as long as situation remains the same. So none of the handset manufacturers could drop out a device with huge screen, apps store etc etc.. but lets say some op (not nessesarily google ) invests a lot of $$ into services, hire best talents, make services and usability a primal focus on their strategy and work on a portfolio for a few years and then shoots it out..
sure sounds a bit like theorycrafting , and most likely is not going to happen..
what i'm saying is going to be pretty much as you describe within few years (most likely realy soon) unless someone breaks the concept which is highly unlikely, but possible:) 4 days ago

Oleg Dubinin - this can work! As people more engaged with Mobile Devices and Internet, instead of Radio FM and TV (even it's HDTV or whatever), then Killing Application of Mobile Operators can be - provider of News, Federal and Municipal interaction, TAX/Fees/Lawyer services and so on.

Good thing for Mobile Phones - it's cheap, always with user, contains high degree of authentication. In general, there possible even such a possibility, that people can vote via mobile phones, in the future. I do not tell it is a must, but this can be.

Oleg Dubinin Meantime, it's quite hardly, that our government (same like Chinese or European) will trust to some Google, MSN, iTunes, OVI and similar systems of US! In Russia, for example, It's better trust to guys from SISTEMA or ALFA-GROUP, as they know these guys well.

Then, for experienced users and for real job like tenders/cooperation/judgement there is still remain Internet way - WEB-sites of our federal departments. But for daily life and non-layers (let say) - Mobile Phones is more convenient solution. At least it can transfer official news, instead of TV in present day. 3 days ago


Leonid Denisov Such attempts are being made BUT TOGETHER WITH GOOGLE - NOT AGAINST IT!!

Verizon, Google Developing iPad Rival ! 3 days ago

Oleg Dubinin I see that you love Google. From other side - you don't like mobile operators. Is it for fun or because of money? )))

Anyway, whatever I telling - is possible. May be not for all operators and/or not in all countries, but theoretical concept is just and right! 2 days ago

Leonid Denisov I do not like when operators are trying to get too much outside of the core business. 50% EBITDA needs to go down somehow, it's unethical. Google or Skype or EZtalk - does not matter. VAS providers should be able to use operators for a small %% , not 30-50% of the price clients pay. In Japan for example VAS-providers were connecting to DoCoMo for 10% only of the revenues. In Russia operators are ripping off all small partners around. 2 days ago

Oleg Dubinin "trying to get too much outside of the core business" - is quite ok for their own applications. Meantime, for 3rd party content/applications it's a kind of tax for un-perfect ways of monetization. When integration of core and applications will go more deep, then there will be fair price.

Anyway, I can support you in the statement, that normal fee should be 10-20% and 30-40% if some service competes with one own of the operator. These values are same to government taxes. Some electronics (which we do not produce) came to
russia with 10-20% taxes, while some food or cars (which we do produce) came with 20-50% taxes. This is just my opinion...

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