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BEACON to be ON (copy from Concomitant Technologies)


The idea is to use wall mounted beacons for the Location Based Services (LBS) inside buildings, such as exhibition centres or big shopping malls. It can look like this:

1. There is special light version of navigation software – add-on to your navigation system or separate small program. Developed for most of mobile platforms.

2. There is some ATM like terminal near entrance where you can download the map of exact building(s). Plus, there can be downloaded a software, too. Some simple free version.

3. Then there are beacons in (on) walls situated by the rule of straight visibility, and distance among beacons is in accordance to maximum distance in dependence on signal power. For example let consider this distance now as 100 meters. Each beacon has function similar to GPS satellite – sending out synchro-signals and each has unique ID number. Let’s consider, there is one byte for ID what gives us up to 256 beacons for one area.

4. Your local software (which is described in point No.1) is getting signal from 3 nearest beacons and then placing you on a map, using triangulation algorithm and beacon’s placement information according to ID.


Result: User of less modern mobile phone is always sees where he/she is now and where is the shop he/she wants to visit. There is also possible to make creation of routes (same like in car GPS systems). There is a business case, may be, to make system a bit sophisticated and foresee such opportunity as parent control – register kid’s phone on terminal near the entrance and then trace his position inside the big building.


What it is for? How can anyone earn money on this customer convenience? There are quite a lot scenarios to use.

· Big Shopping Centers income – place an advertisement of shops which rent space in this Shopping Center.

· Exhibition’s organizer income – sell as hi-tech option together with a ticket, and/or the same opportunity for advertisement of exhibitors.

· Outdoors sport/tourists/social activities – earning on advertisement and on additional content/service.


What is new in this idea? There are several aspects of new beings.

· GPS is not working in buildings

· When outdoor then GPS is not so quick and precise and service breaking if some obstacles above GPS-terminal.

· With some corrections, there can be used BlueTooth or even regular GSM signals, for locating. No need in GPS-receiver and less power consumption




Technically there are two base tasks:

1) To provide some precise timing over existing technologies. Most appropriate, it seems to be the Bluetooth technology. Surely that timing capabilities should be enough for 1-3 location renovations per second, what is enough for human movement. Another plus is that some content can be transferred over Bluetooth, in parallel. Alternative – GSM signals, but there must be more sophisticated technology changes, as GSM terminal works only with one Base Station at once.

2) Development of some quick JAVA script for operation of small maps. As building map is much more smaller and has less data, than any GIS map, then there should be other way of mathematic model. In result, there must be some small code and simple map that all together is less than 1 Mb and can be downloaded over Bluetooth less than in minute.


For point No.1 – there is one technical issue, that, if we use Bluetooth, then there must be some array of Bluetooth beacons but the registration in this array should be done once in the beginning. In other words – must be developed protocols for Bluetooth array (broadcast) network and soft handover procedure.


Meantime the output information of such array can be (and must be, if possible technically) similar to the existing peer-to-peer Bluetooth. Then there is no need to upgrade Bluetooth modules in user terminal. It’s very important for the successful start-up of this VAS!




To have more clear view on the idea, let’s have an example. In this example there are some statements and selected options, which can be changed in the future or even not really correct from technical point of view, but with this example it is possible to have a common sense on a business.


Example’s pre-requisites:

· Bluetooth array network. It’s done like this - all the Bluetooth beacons are interacting with user terminal as one Bluetooth device (kind of peer-to-peer Bluetooth connection which we know at present days) but there is information (in service messages or as content) about each beacon’s ID.

· MAP software is done on most base release of JAVA, that it compatible with the most of Mobile Phones. Then we have cost reduction in creating this system and no need in too complex menu options to downloading correct version of JAVA program.

· Mobile Phone with Java and Bluetooth. There must be advertisements near the entrance like “Please turn on your Bluetooth”.


Important notice: As with Bluetooth-array it is hard to make well precise mechanism of a compass emulation, then for this example we suggest, that inside the building there are tablets on a walls which showing directions in a manner North-West-South-East and on a screen of mobile device we have North always on upper screen border. In fact, this idea with tablets which now may seems like weak side of the project, can be easily turned to benefit, as these tablets can be used for regular outdoor advertisement with formal motivation on these tablets popularity. In fact it’s the best outdoor advertisement type, as people not just may be see these tablets or may be not, but according to the service concept – at least everyone who uses this service must look on these tablets! The rest purchasers will look on these too, as it does symbolize the Hi-Tech (and with proper advertisement it is also can be in status of - vogue, stylish, “must be”).


Steps and Stages

1. The Subscriber entering the building (trading mall) and go to ATM-like devices (near with entrance) if he wants to download the map of this building. Let’s call this ATM-like device as Bluetooth Pillar (BP). Why he/she is doing this download – see the MARKETING section below.

2. Simple download is done using mobile phone menu(s) when the Subscriber is near BP. Options here are in general like this: “Download MAP software”, “Upgrade MAP software”, “Download MAP”, “Update MAP”. All these items for free.

3. Optionally the Subscriber can download some additional service/content for fee, via menu of BP.

4. When JAVA program and the map are downloaded, the Subscriber sees his location on the map of building.

5. Functions of JAVA program in general should be the following: “Zoom in/Zoom out”, “Find exact shop/place”, “Make route from my position to the exact shop/place”, “Select interests” – like a filter to show all men garment shops, or can be an advertisement options like – “Show where discounts”, then all the shops, where now there are sales, will be marked on a map with “$ales” icon.

6. Another thing which is common for any free software is that this can be full of advertisement. Good and clever if advertisement help to the Subscriber, but not some useless big flash-banner on a half of a screen. For example, small text line which is always on which describes shops with discounts or if someone is more than 3 hours inside the mall, then there can be an info about where is happy hours to have lunch. Or there even can be a statistic that of 100% visits (since the subscriber is in the mall) we have 70% of women garment shops, 10% men garment shops, 20% walking standing in halls (out of the shops). What does it means for smear advertiser? It means that we have to send on user’s terminal an advertisement about discount programs in women garment shops and place “Check here” icon on all women garment shops which appearing on a screen during the Subscriber’s motions.


Briefs for another Business Cases:


Exhibition. There we have same principles as for mall, but this service even more necessary, because of:

o The plan of an exhibition is a new one each time, so people can’t study it as it can be with the plan of some mall they are visiting every weekend.

o The time is limited and visitors have to get more from each minute they are on exhibition.

o There are much more additional information, such as new products of each exhibitor, lections/presentations schedule of exhibitors, common shows/meetings schedule and places, very necessary information about where and what to eat, near places of internet access points, WC, smocking rooms.


Outdoor/sport activities. The idea is that on a simple sketchy map (which can be done by subscriber or ordered) are coordinates of placing Bluetooth beacons. Beacons work with more power output and placed not in a halls manner as for mall/exhibition, but as a king of cellular network. Then with 256 beacons and working distance of 500 meters per beacon we can cover about 15-20 square kilometers! The services can be such as:

o Tourist routes and maps inside castles, gardens, recreation areas.

o Recommended routes for sport activities like ski, bicycle.

o Local map for group games like paintball, golf.

Money is earning here on maps creation for sport/games, selling tourist’s maps as convenient item, placing an advertisement about near shops/restaurants.


Feedback service. The idea is that when devices registering near BP, then some devices can be appointed as group administrator (parent) and the rest as group members (children). Then there is some additional script is developed for Bluetooth array and for local terminal JAVA applet, that parent can see the positions of children. This can be made quite secure on by implementing administrative part on server side (server of Bluetooth array) and with implementing encryption in Bluetooth connections.

Some examples of usage:

o Where are my children inside the mall?

o Where are my subordinates on exhibition?

o Where are my colleagues on tourist or sport activities?

o Where are member of my team when playing paintball or similar wide distance team games?

o Can be done rescue service for skier under the snow, when avalanche falling happened. There is no 100% guarantee that it works through snow when use Bluetooth technology, but it can be an additional stimulation factor to use it.


· Telecom service. Idea is that we should force the Subscriber to use GPRS/HSPA or SMS or CALL or to order something online or pay for some VAS, somehow. Possible solutions can be like this:

o Everywhere can be offered an access to Internet over Bluetooth array for small charge. Similar to Wi-Fi.

o Everywhere can be offered to download more natural 3D map for fee.

o For subordinates trace can be offered a subscription to trace them over the Internet. Earnings on VAS and traffic.

o For tourist/sport activities can be offered an advertisement regarding the topic of the event. Something like “get secrets of Dracula Castle” or “Paintball Tricks when you are left alone”. Can be both – service of Bluetooth array network (license fee) or ling to corresponding WAP-portal, then earning on traffic (for operator), license fee (for content provider) and advertisement pays (from content provider to event owner).




Let’s summarize ideas about marketing and will generate some more. As it was mentioned already, there are several key issues of how we may force the Subscribers to use this service:

· It’s Hi-tech, and therefore it’s cool, vogue, stylish and so on.

· It’s useful as you always can find where you are and what is the shortest way to your point of interest.

· It’s saving your money as with this service you don’t miss any discounts around.

· It increases your safety and safety of your neighbors – example is children in mall or friends on active sport’s activities.

Then there are some more key issues:

· Offer additional discount if the Subscriber has reached a shop in the mall by using service. This must be advertised widely that people have a habit to update information each time they go to mall.

· It’s possible that in the shop you automatically add your e-mail to be informed when the necessary size of shirt you like will be available. And then this shop even can be marked with “My goods here!” icon, when you are next time in the mall.

· If develop further, then it’s possible to pay using kind of Mall owned payment system. Same as now it’s some debit plastic cards or gift certificate.

· This even can be valid for online content purchase with discount. As it’s very frequently that someone waits someone else in a mall or on exhibition, then it’s the best situation for offer some entertainment for fee.


The benefits of such system are unique! However customer (the Subscriber) thinks that it’s more for his advantages, but in fact here are more advantages for the business owner. Most obvious facts are:

· Personalized purchase story and targeted advertisement

· Cheaper advertisement channel, compare to TV or TOP10 newspapers.

· Additional income on traffic or advertisement placement.




Resume is clear – such system should be developed! Too many benefits and too few technical problems so to just ignore this idea!

Even if first systems will be quite expensive, then it’s always possible a rent/lease to malls, exhibitions or events organizers. They like it and then buy it some time after! Be sure!


Use Wi-Fi – or – REMARK for LASY INVESTORS: Alternatively, if you are kind of investor which do not like experiments with base technologies at all, then this project can be done partly. Idea is that we use Wi-Fi, have no precise positioning service, but we have all the same features, including free mobile phone software for user’s convenient. Positioning then can be made similar to original idea (local terminal calculation of signals from 3 Wi-Fi routers) or as it’s now exists for Wi-Fi – no any local calculations, but determination by cell of one exact Wi-Fi router. General restriction is that our clients are only owners of Smartphones.


Use Wi-Fi in public transport – or – REMARK NOT for INVESTORS at all: Ultimate simplification of this solution is to have Wi-Fi network in public transport. Mobile Terminal software is much simpler and there is no any positioning at all. Source reason for the Subscribers – is to offer such service as information about next stop, route details and time of reaching destination. The real reason – is to place advertisement here. May be, it will be even good, if it is an advertisement of VAS services for mobile phones, as public transport is one of the best places where people are boring and ready to pay money for entertainment.


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