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Selling the air



Right after you have bare UCS you can start earning money. You can advertise through mobile client some free (from point of view on copyright) content and then stimulate downloads or even sells. There also can be some cost for the content, but no money for advertisement when selling.

How does it work? Pure advertisement!

Some breaking news and you put a picture related to this news. What is important is that this picture is free or very cheap, then it’s very easy to get it and it’s something very popular now. Surely there is something similar in internet, but

  • subscriber has to find it (spending time and money for traffic),
  • then it may be free and may be not (if not then subscriber has to search again),
  • then various problems of incompatibility (hard to pay, hard to download, too big or too small picture).

  • There can be not only pictures but any content – books, sounds, software. Several examples:
  • Free of charge download of some old book with no fee for copyright. For example there is some movie in distribution or news with comparing with situation in some book.
  • The voice of cock advertised as sound for the alarm clock (in the phone) when folk trends is popular - some famous designer is made some folk collection or some book is issued about folk life. Few people trace this folk news and may be even aren’t fans but with proper advertisement and cheap price it can be thousands of downloads for an operator.
  • In rest season you can advertise software for measure conversion (yards in meters, Kelvin in Celsius and so on). It’s very simple but can be useful meantime. If it’s free and easy to get then people get it. Along with happiness of your clients it may bring you payment for 10 Kb from each subscriber with active life position. Just imagine what does is mean that 10% subscribers (for example) of Vodafone in Europe will do so – over 100 Gb of paid traffic just for nothing.



Technically (when you have UCS) this service needs one content manager who must select the content, arrange proper advertisement according to current news and rotate seasonal content. This is quite simple job at the level of salary is about 20KUSD per year and can be even less if use part-time outsource.

The content for this service is really something free or very cheap. It’s not the deal when you selling hot music single or very good but expensive commercial software and getting just small commission for that. It’s selling the nothing!

If same idea to be made by some WEB/WAP portal then they have limited base of users, can’t earn on traffic and have to sell or put commercial advertisement, but people do not like such advertisement and pay for this download. Moreover this portal have to spend money on advertisement among subscribers. In result – not very good idea to make a well profitable business. With UCS it’s very well idea!


What is good from user point of view is that he can emphases his personality as he think and do it cheap. If using mobile for browsing and e-mail then 10-50 Kb is just nothing.

More over – it can be the fact of loyalty if we offering free (or cheap) some popular content instead of selling expensive and useless content. Therefore an operator even can use this service for the subscribers’ loyalty but with zero profit for himself.


There is no exact pure technical development. What is necessary to do is to organize own database of free pictures, sounds and software and make agreement with some market leaders in this area for rapid purchase of the necessary content in urgent cases.


What is really necessary is to offer exclusive topics and inform the user. For example there are some breaking messages about USD/EUR rate changes caused by moving of Microsoft’s head quarter to India, for example. Subscribers know it very well as it’s on all news portals, it’s discussing in blogs, it’s on radio and on TV.

What should we offer then?

  • Read this news again? - No! It’s not convenient on small screen of mobile and traffic is expensive. User can look this info at evening in Broabband internet or on TV. Therefore we haven’t offer such content even with bright and attractive slogan as it will make subscriber unsatisfied.
  • Offer to discuss it in blog? – No! Reasons are the same as for previous bullet. One additional notice – for the popular topic there are lot of messages and debates which users adding from powerful PC via Broadband internet and whatever you do when accessing from mobile is waiting and waiting for page to be loaded instead of participation in interesting chats. Result is the same – subscriber is unhappy and fill that he was tricked.

More over – if someone really wants to know last information about some news or took part in some blog whatever it cost – he will do it without advertisement and will do on his favorite WEB-site. But how to make regular subscriber happy? Offer him something simple but that he can show his relation to the question! Offer him humoristic view on a problem. Offer him some useful knowledge with can be inline with the news.

For example it can be the following:

  • Free of charge picture with MS WINDOWS logo and words MUST DIE! Very famous old one picture which have saw almost everyone but which can be offered now as it’s easy available right in time.
  • Some funny folk Indian music (which is free or very cheap to buy for operator). Advertisement can be like this – new voices of Microsoft’s Tech Support.
  • Some small funny story about Indian traditions or examples of negotiations. Advertisement can be like this – How do we restart MS Windows now? Ctrl+Alt+Del is not working more!
  • Some program about easy trace of curriencies. May be kind of FOREX related or small simple game. Advertisement can be like this – How to become a millionaire while USD rate changes.


As you see – what ever is important are additional value and increasing of happiness. Something popular, but different from generic media offers. In most cases our offer should be characterize as funny, humorous. Why? The answer is simple – because the regular subscribers can do nothing in reality with Microsoft CEO decision or with USD/EUR rate! Meantime sometimes it can be something useful and serious, BUT useful for the life of exact subscriber! It will be stupid to offer Hi-End analytic software to everybody! Emotions of the subscriber must be like this – Wow! I even do not thing that I can got such a cool thing so easy and cheap!..

One addition to the example above is that we have there 4 variants. Then what exactly to offer? There are two messages to think about this example and in general:

  1. At the beginning we can rotate in cycle each offer and see what users prefer. Then distribute only most popular advertisement. Here even can be some script on a server that after several minutes most popular advertisement is showed with priority.
  2. Other option is to store up additional info about subscribers and then offer (further are just examples which aren’t not based on social statistics) first picture with logo to IT crowd, funny folk song to young girls, funny story to blogs-lover and program for students and young professionals.


The conception of this service is to offer something cool with any kind usefulness. This is easy to get and price is negligible. We have own advertisement channel via UCS system and care about subscriber’s attitude, not his wallet. Whether it’s a way of earnings on traffic and content fee, this can be used for the subscribers’ loyalty too.

For example – for some picture an operator has to pay 100 USD. There is firm statistics that this picture will be downloaded 10 to 20 thousand times. An operator earning on the traffic 50 to 100 USD. Should this advertisement be made or not? Let see then what we have if decided to try:

  • 10-20 thousand subscribers loyalty for 50 to 0 (zero) USD
  • Several hundreds of mutual downloads while users are in UCS client.
  • Several hundreds of SMS to friends about this offer.
  • Several hundreds of MMS with this content (in case it’s free of charge).

I think the answer on the question “To be or not to be” is quite clear.

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