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BEACON to be ON - by Nokia

So, my idea "BEACON to be ON", dated on Feb 18, is already an issue for real Business Case by Nokia!

However their realization is limited (by functions and mobile), but it obviously showing that I think in right direction. Details of technical realization I don't know, but may be someone from Nokia can comment.

Originall news from can be found here - Below is the partial citation.

Nokia announced the start of a public trial in its homeland, Finland, trial that will test consumer response to what’s presented as “an indoor mapping and information service”.

Launched in Kamppi, one of Helsinki’s largest shopping centers, the service provides customers, via their mobile phones, with indoor maps that can be easily searched for showing the location of their preferred shops and restaurants.

Also, you can get info about the shopping center itself, plus details on opening hours, discount vouchers and so on.

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