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Sending money to TV



The idea is to develop some interface, that whatever VAS advertisement is on screen now (SMS Chat, Music voting, TV game competition and so on) the same options are in subscriber’s menu of Cellular or DECT phone, thus allows to use VAS more easy and simple without dealing with short codes, SMS commands and so on.


Technically there are possible several implementations – Bluetooth interaction of TV and Phone or Synchronization of placing advertisement on TV and in mobile VAS client.

Benefits of Bluetooth way are the following:

· Most important is that the subscriber see an advertisement of the exact channel which is on his/her TV now! When switching channel, then command sending out over Bluetooth and local application is automatically switch content menu.

· Easy roaming – where ever subscriber is, he can use this service by using unified Bluetooth interaction interface,

· More simple solution as content availability depends only on exact channel owner,

· Can be used both – for Cellular and DECT phones

Meantime there are quite strong hurdles in this way:

· Must be developed some standard of content’s metadata transmission and implemented in all TV transmitters and all TV-boxes!

· Must be renewed all the TV-boxes or purchased separate Bluetooth modules.

In case of the second way, when the synchronization for regular VAS is used, situation is become much simpler! There is just regular synchronized renovation of content’s metadata in Mobile Terminal by using GPRS/EDGE/HSPA. For the subscriber it looks like similar, but the main difference is that content is gotten from some 3rd party content provider. Therefore it’s a more complex administrative routines that some content provider “A” have contracts with various TV channels and should advertize the content of other content providers and this is meantime all synchronized in time!

Yet why this first idea is stated here? It’s because of idea of several communications related vendors to have some interface/protocol that we can redirect content to any IP device. Something like, when subscriber is in car, then he can redirect MP3 to car system, when in home - can redirect calls to PC, when on presentation – can redirect picture to a projector. At present time this protocol can run over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, which are quite wide spreading. If this solution is on place, then principles of Bluetooth exchange are more preferable. If start this service right now, then second way is seems to be more real.

Important addition! Later I have discussed a DLNA issue with telecom guys. Seems that this technology is quite appropriate for this service and can replace Bluetooth in the first way of technical solution. Thus we can avoid pure technical experiments with Bluetooth technology and concentrate our efforts on the service itself! More about DLNA check here - Wikipedia.

There is another 3rd way which is a mix of first two ways and what is important – it gives main opportunity of Bluetooth way of shitching content in Mobile Terminal when channel is switching on TV. This mix is related to Triple Play service providers, when using one data link user see IPTV and meantime some content can be send to PC and then distributed to Mobile Terminal over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

This way allows to have all the benefits, yet even more complicated from administrative side, as to all participants of the second way (content provider “A”, various TV channels and other content providers) here adding Triple Play service provider(s).


For user it looks like local application where is the list of TV channels and present time advertisements which are on TV. In case of Bluetooth or Mixed ways – user can see the advertised service of the exact channel which is on his/her TV now.

The structure of the application menu is some brief description, fields for content and send button. There can be as option some more advertisement of similar content, regulatory and pricing information. As one extremely good option it’s possible to place programs’ schedule in this service, that we can attract even people who do not interested in TV related VAS services like - SMS Chat, Music voting, TV game competition and so on.


For marketing it’s very good instrument, as along with subscribers’ easy life it brings more targeting and statistic usage. Say honestly there is nothing specific to say, as anyone who had a deal with Telecom/Internet/VAS advertisement, those really will appreciate what this tool providing. Just brief list of benefits, based on users’ behavior:

· When there is TV advertisement, many people are boring and can look about some past showed interesting content advertisement.

· Bright advertisement of some content may turn people to look at their mobile client and start searching for something interesting for exact persons. If it’s just on screen advertisement of some service which people don’t need, then there is no such opportunity with present days on TV screen advertisement.

· Statistic can be based not only on what some exact subscriber bought, but also on records of how he act in his mobile application. This means – cumulative interests, rating principles. For example is subscriber interested in various content regarding Ferrari cars, check all the content permanently, but order only pictures and applications which are cheaper than 3 EURO, then we can place such content in the top of the list for this exact subscriber and did same for content related to Lamborghini and Porsche.


If do not take a first way of Bluetooth interaction, then there are not too much development, and in fact it’s just reorganization of presently running VAS services. The Business Case for exact content provider is to compare its investments VS possible income increase, and then make a decision of implementation.

I sure there will be quite huge part of content providers or advertisement agencies, which are in positive balance by implementing such service. Even if service do not brings to much income now, it’s the reason to step in the race now, that in a future do not be our of the market with some old gramophone like technologies.

One principle difference, compare to pure content providers' business is that here we can see more advertisement oriented tools and therefore it’s quite possible that this business will be lead by advertisement agencies, where content providers are just some technology partners.

What to say more? Think about it!

· May be you are medium size advertisement agency and this is the chance to be then in TOP10.

· Contrary situation – you are regular content provider, and this is the way to make business diversification and earn same budget or even more, compare to what you have with content.

· Finally – you are good manager that can administrate all this zoo of cross-contracts duties and have some free money to invest, quite possible that within just one year you can be a TOP10 person in both – advertisement and content business!

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