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PDA/Smartphone – benefits of limiting factors



In general we see small size of the screen, slow CPU and limited memory as weakness of gadgets such as PDA and Smartphone. However, these weaknesses can bring well enough benefits and even change our daily life.

Most obvious businesses and solutions can be like this:

· Information Selection. Business based on the fact, that PDA has quite slow CPU and limited resolution of screen, thus it’s less convenient to search information, compare to PC. Then quite a lot of people are ready to pay some extra fee, that they have exact information, which perfectly fits displaying mode and fits processing capabilities, thus allowing convenient operations with received data. Possible businesses are –

o Local Search Application. It uses same popular search WEB-sites, but accessed over Mediation Server. This Server converts search results to parameters which are best for the exact Gadget at present time. Parameters are based on the technical information from the Local Search Application. This can be static information like OS version, Screen Resolution, CPU model, RAM and ROM sizes, but it can be also some dynamic information like – connection speed and protocol (slow GPRS, moderate HSPA, fast WiFi), actual available memory and so on.

o Ported PC Enterprise Clients. Similar concept, but related to such systems as ERP, Accounting, Market Statistics, Real-time Measurements, Security Systems and so on.

Both cases can and should implement deep transformation of media data, thus end-users have unbelievable convenience. Most basic example are real-time recalculation of HD video stream to the parameters which are fit screen resolution and CPU capabilities. However this also will include transformation of Presentation Frames and Vector Schemes into medium JPEG pictures, limited number of menu items, but with easy access and more.

· Payment Systems. Thing is that security procedures can be simplified, due to combination of such parameters like IMSI/IMEI check, Gadget access password, pair of login and password for payment system and optionally some security certificate when accessing this payment system. So, payment process can be more simple and more secure, meantime, compare to PC applications. From another side of view – PDA/Smartphone gadget provides more possibilities, compare to such poor technology as NFC. Then it’s possible to reach the situation, that PDA/Smartphone gadget become main payment system in the electronic world.

o Product selection more simple and targeted, than on PC.

o Meantime some goods preselected on PC, can be transferred (synchronized) then to PDA and purchased more simply and more secure.

o Such typical NFC payments like post and public transport can be replaced by simplified PDA payments.

o Alternatively there can be NFC enhancements, that some complex parametric payment is prepared on PDA and done over NFC terminal.

In result we have some Order Application for PDA, which popularity is sky high, compare to whatever on-line payment system is known now. The content of such application is set of API for online shops, API for payment systems, API for security check systems. Just pure application gives millions of dollars if developer put small banner area for advertisement. If developer is co-owner of some corresponding online shops or payment systems, then it’s a billions’ business!

· Electronic Environment Manager. As any PDA/Smartphone is a computer with OS, then it’s possible to eliminate many portable devices, by introducing emulation software running on PDA/Smartphone. It’s quite easy to understand on the example of IR port. With IR port we can use PDA as remote control for any home electronics, if program can control physical parameters of IR signal (wave length, signal frequency). However, now there is quite limited number of PDA devices with IR, but now more home electronics support such technologies as DLNA, Bluetooth or WiFi. So, applications (and finally – businesses) can be the following:

o Universal Remote Control with extended features. For example it’s possible to program set of commands, that PDA start video recording of TV program at 2 a.m., then it will change the temperature of air-con at 5 a.m. and finally will turn on water heating cask at 7.40 a.m., right 20 minutes before you wake up. Meantime all this programming are done over simple, but vivid interface. For example, there can be on-line TV program and events can be appointed over pop-up menu, for air-con and cask it’s possible to have equipment parameters’ limitation, recommended modes and even parametric programming in dependence from weather forecast (how many degrees to add at morning) or in dependence from predictable traffic jam, thus heating water and alarm can begin 20 minutes earlier or later, depending on circumstances.

Business here is based on selling this specific application itself, selling add-ons/drivers for new purchased electronics, offering online services like special format TV program, weather forecast, traffic jam and so on.

o Portable Events Manager. This applicable to B2C segment and services like planning and interaction with front-end database of enterprises. Some Mediation Server interacts with customers’ PDAs over some radio interface. Then we have well enough resources of typical PDA for such text (mainly) service. Several examples, to show value of this Business Case:

MEDICINE – get medical results, schedule surgery hours, manage reminders, pre-cautions and receipts. First of all customers eliminating standing in queues, then results are more vivid and followed by convenient advices, then application can perform various measurements, statistic calculations, on-line modifications and surgery hours shift on demand. Additionally it’s possible to getting registered in some live (today’s) queue, when entering building (via interactive menu on PDA).

SHOPPING – When the customer is in the shopping mall, then he/she can get information about sales conditions and deadlines, keep information like warranty conditions and duration about purchased goods and get information about accessorize for these and usability FAQs. Customer has convenient information about the product, which is in his PDA. Seller has more customer satisfaction and more competitive benefits / prestige, then spends less time on verbal explanations and finally has the opportunity to increase concomitant sales.

Municipal/Government – mix of all benefits from the topics above and applicable for many paper routines, such as tax inspection schedule and reminders about personal obligations; getting car incident / parking problems details, contact information and payment terms details over police portable on-car computer or parking machine; getting registered in queue, when entering building.

Business here is based on development, sell and managing such systems, thus company is acting as system integrator for Corporate Clients.


I hope that article really demonstrates that different resources of different electronic devices are subject for different business models. There are already brief description of business cases, which can bring billions of dollars. But most important there is a way of thinking about how business can be optimized, depending on the media.

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