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General concept I wish to popularize is that any software sells should move to Internet. This is clear in fact, but there is still a gap to grow. In fact it can be applied to any product. Solution must provide some values, that:

· Buy online is always cheaper, than any other way.

· Buy online is always bring some additional value.

· Buy online gives amazing opportunities

· Finally the Customer wish to check new offers and trace online shops.

Then I believe that if all mentioned points are permanently in action, then we have completely new shape of the market! Income reports can be added with 2-3 zero digits before its MUSD notation.

Let’s have a look on details for each point and then will compile this to resume.


ONLINE IS ALWAYS CHEAPER. Everybody knows that cost for internet trading is less than for regular retail. However the thing which should be always remembered – it’s necessary that pricing is always cheaper for online! At nowadays it is not like this.

Quite often it’s still possible to find that Software Company sells retail box and online release for the same amount. May be it’s popularization of retail sells, but it obviously is not correct from real business case point of view.

Resellers of gadgets offer same price for shop and online shop. Result is that they have small volume of sells, as they can’t compete with pure online shops.

Finally, what is important is to show that online shopping is more profitable. After several years that gives opportunity to move a major part of sells to internet and decrease cost of products. But more important benefits are others, like targeted marketing, personal management, shopping history and so on! What is important – is to involve Customers in online trading, as much as possible. One of the ways is show profitability to them.

ONLINE BRINGS ADDITIONAL VALUE. This is important point which can be done by different ways. One of the ways is (same as point before) operating with money. If cost reduction is big enough, then even with price less than in regular retail it possible to offer some cheap gifts. But even more important is that Internet knows the exact Customer preferences and this cheap gift may fit 100% of the customer needs, compare to regular retail. Finally, if we haven’t so huge cost reduction, that it’s possible to offer some good gift, then it’s possible to offer personalized discounts for goods and services which exact customer needs at exact time and conditions. So, the solution brings mutual sells, when purchasing one thing leads to almost 100% guarantee of purchase promoted thing.

Just few examples…

Customer buy whatever item online at exact date. System knows that around this date customer needs new contact lenses, customer searched for weekend trip and customer have a birthday of his/her grand mom. System check available shops with discounts (or shared discounts) and offer what is available now and has better discount. Shared discount meant that seller (stock owner) of promoted product pays some fee to seller (stock owner) of the originally purchased product or to online mall.

Customer buy some design tool and system knows about his/her preferences about software. So, system offer to buy some application which customer needs or download try&buy release of this program. Try&buy period can be prolonged due to the fact of the present application purchase and can’t be available in regular download. It’s the example when additional value cost nothing at all.

ONLINE GIVES AMAZING OPPORTUNITIES. This is the regular retail way to offer lottery type promotion. However what is good, it that prizes can be extremely expensive, useful and hot! Why? Because of at least two reasons:

· Lottery allowing sell items same price as regular retail, but cost less and some more profit can be spent on prizes.

· Online forms can be completed semi-automatically and it will attract quite huge amount of people who lazy to fill in paper forms.

Result is that online promo with great prizes can attract so many Customers, that even no one retail network ever dreamed about!

Additionally, if such lotteries are on permanent base and prizes really useful, high-tech and expensive, it can turn people to individual searching of - what lottery/promo go and where it is, and avoid rush purchase in regular shops.


What we have after several years of implementing ideas above, is that online sells market turnover grow 100-1000 times. Fresh money can give an opportunity to make new experiments (start-ups, promo-actions, science researches) with online shopping and turn the World into incredible new way of life.


Mobile Networks benefits – shopping moves to SmartPhones, providing business for various players. Payment systems, billing systems, money transfer systems, encryption and security companies, mobile advertisement agencies, mobile application developers and much more players are involved in this new golden stream.

Your company has any relation to anything what was revealed in this article? Then it’s quite possible that you much closer to Eldorado, than you think you are!


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