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Idea is to promote modern devices as value added Hi-End equipment.

• Value Added = bigger price!
• Hi-End = Prestige = bigger price!

What is Hi-End? Whatever is advertised as Hi-End! That’s the point!

How big cost compare to generic equipment, or how useful some features – doesn’t matter! In general the thing is that some devices are just devices, when others have some magic abbreviation like ABC or 2.0.

For example:

• In the past we had various TFT TV sets with matrix from 640x480 till 1280x960. More pixels is better, but doesn’t matter too much. Things changing (especially from sales point of view) if we call TFT with 1280x720 pixels as “HD ready”. However before this term we had just regular TV set and TV set for HDTV (which is 1920x1080).
• In even more past there was Video Recorder with compatibility to DAT cassettes. If DAT compatible, then device automatically become Hi-End! Do you remember a lot of movies on DAT cassettes?.. I remember no one! Usability is equal to zero!

What abbreviations we have in charger of telecom? In fact we have a lot and can start using right now! Good thing with newest technologies is that not too much people really understand – what does some exact new technology means. DLNA, WEB2.0, IMS, LTE, GREEN POWER – just put stickers on mobile phones, smartphones, laptops, network hubs, handsets and even some PC software.

• “DLNA network” headset. Why and for what? Give one example, advertise as Hi-End and then just increase price by 10-30%.
• “IMS ready” smartphone. Just one local application installed for high-speed IP connection (like HSPA+) and sell such smartphone with increased margin.
• “LTE compatible” wireless modem. Just state that software maintain one (of many) LTE protocols (variable delays, for example), put sticker and sell more items for bigger price.
• Find any Internet company which advertises himself as WEB 2.0 “one of the leaders” and put in favorites of browser on mobile phone its WEB-link. Add a sticker “WEB 2.0” and increase sells same good old mobile phone.
• Prove that by using some.. new chip (or new print board design) you new model of notebook (modem, mobile phone, handset or whatever) is consuming now 5% less electricity, then paint your device in light-green color, and add sticker “GREEN POWER”. In result - You sell now same sh… Ups! …same Hi-End device with bigger price.


As it can be seen from the “IDEA” paragraph – almost nothing technical here! Technical was, when someone had developing all such stuff as IMS, WEB 2.0 and so on. At present time out task is to print stickers!

However there is still an issue to have at lest some renewal of applications and functions. Therefore technical guys may not worry too – they still have what to do.


Good thing with users is that for Hi-End we have advanced users! Even if not all the users are really IT specialists, but just some reach kids, it can’t hamper our strategy. Why? It because of no one likes to read an articles about the situation when some stupid guy can’t use some Hi-End device. People like to read that some Hi-End device gives amazing benefits if some smart guy has made some customization!

Then, in contrary to typical situation we have a very good point. Whether all our IMS services or LTE stack protocols or DLNA connections are not work stable, these facts do not mean that advanced users will be unhappy. Contrary – they fill flood forums, chats but keep searching the way of – How to make this newest Hi-End device work more stable.

In fact it’s even a solution for some delayed technologies. Have some application for IMS but it still not stable in operations? Just proclaim it as Hi-End and on the front edge technology and start sells! Many people will accept this experiment as his personal crusade in popularization and bringing in of future to our days.


Whatever is written already in this article – everything is marketing! Here I just will mention several points on “How to do” and “What is to avoid to do”. Meantime, the ideas are quite common and for real Marketing Plan it will be better that you consult with live Marketers.

To do:

• Put advertisement in glance magazines, where all the Hi-Ends historically are. Search where Bang&Olufsen is and put your advertisement in the same media.
• Make a product placement in movie, where main hero is the most advanced technology user. Good thing is that in movie we can show on regular device (which is already in retail) some applications which are not exist now even as a concept!
• Compare to similar device without “magic sticker” assign a price of 50-100% more and immediately announce a promo action (limited by period of several weeks) of global discounts even up to 50%! Good if prior preparation in advertisement articles will be prove the high price and then suddenly there is a chance to save huge amount of money on a most fresh Hi-End purchase!
• Whatever beautiful advertisement is done, in contract or official documents there must be a Statement which limits your responsibility for test unit/application. Remember - Lawyers never sleep!

To avoid:

• Use advertisement via mass channels dedicated to mass products. Even if you are going to sell your device in MediaMarkt, advertisement should be not in cheap newspapers or in subway, where MediaMarkt advertising its discounted offers, but in the same glance magazines only, mentioned above.
• No reason to advertise your Hi-End for housewives in breaks among “soap operas”. Did you saw a lot of advertisement of Bentley or Bang&Olufsen here? I think that not too much! So, be smart with expensive TV advertisement. Whether it’s just quite cheap “IMS ready” smartphone for 200 USD, but we should avoid appreciation this device as some regular one!
• Never make same price for regular device and same with “magic sticker”! Whether difference in costs of phone Model A and same Model A “IMS ready” is just 5%, you never have to put price difference like 5%! At least 50%! People pay not for costs, but for Hi-End!


Yet not selling Hi-End? Suppose that you have no Hi-End in portfolio? You even not understand really what all this stuff like IMS, WEB 2.0, DLNA and similar things are for what for? Doesn’t mater! Just have a brief look on this article once again and you will see that today is the exact time for start selling Hi-End!

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