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Originally the NFC was developed as short range (1 to 20 cm) radio access for payment of small amounts for paying bus tickets, parking and so on. Technically it’s some special chip in mobile phone and transaction terminal (something like electronic radio control door look).

There are still a lot of discussions about role dividing of banks and mobile operators, yet in some countries NFC is already in commercial use. General idea is clear – operators have more pre-paid money on their accounts. There are other benefits also, like being more competitive or popularization of electronic payments in general.

But let’s try to think – how else can we use NFC that operators or service/content providers can earn more money. Some ideas see below:

  • Most logical trick is to promote mobile phone’s NFC as secure technology for access to building. Especially it’s good to promote for corporate segment with opportunity to have personal employee account. Then what we have is that employees are forced to have NFC and time to time use it for their private transactions like buying tickets and so on. Result – more cash on operator’s account.

  • Completely new view is appearing when NFC service is getting one new property – possibility to pay for whatever you want using any NFC terminal. At present days NFC works in passive mode when terminal (in bus for example) requesting some amount and you only have to confirm payment. But, if upgrade NFC terminals up to kind of Bank ATMs and develop software for mobile phone, then we have completely different picture! Off-line (in relation to NFC) you can assign some regular payments, you can order something in internet shop and then when you are near with NFC terminal – pay all this things.
  • Another usage of NFC’s property such as security is to initialize person in internet payments. At present days there is a problem with safety of using your credit card for paying in internet and therefore it limiting both – payments and additional traffic for searching interesting things to buy in internet. There are probably some local solutions of banks like USB-key or similar, but this is limited for wide usage. To force NFC as global solution is seems logical as who ever make internet payments surely has a mobile phone. At the beginning it’s possible to use delayed payments – you make transaction in internet and by Bluetooth, data-cable or some other interface information about this is transferred to NFC chip. Then this transaction is kept as “waiting for approval” until you use NFC terminal somewhere in shop, post office or when paying parking. Later, when this technology will become wide spread it’s possible that each PC have NFC terminal. Result – more cash on operator’s account and more traffic for internet.


Secure payment – this is the marketing point for promotion and development of NFC technology. At now days we have a lot of buzz related to un-safety of credit card usage for internet payments. People want to pay but afraid. If remove this “afraid” then even not too much advertisement is necessary as most of the people are ready to use internet and others internet like payments. And there is the good thing for operators that they have not only traffic, as in case with credit cards, but part of money amount and transactions too!

The only thing is necessary is that operators start lead such development. If banks will do so or some federal agency (for public transport, for example) then all the case mentioned above will be impossible to do. If operators do not take part in it then NFC development goes slowly, goes not in the exactly preferable direction and in result there is just small commission from those who had leading development.

Meantime, whether solution development should be lead by operators, but the exact components and even ready systems can be developed and produced by IT/Telecom vendors. To drive an idea is not mean something strange like operators become a factory for production of telecom equipment. To drive an idea is to form the market completely for your telecom business. You forming what producers produce, what subscribers use and you are main in roles distribution for other parties in business. Good example is DoCoMo network.


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