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There are various near range communication types, like Bluetooth, Infra-Red, ZigBee, which are considered as non-profit and just for user convenient. I want to show that there is also an opportunity to earn money on the mentioned or similar future technologies.

Notice: NFC will be overviewed in another article.

General idea is the same - easy user interface. This is the key of success! Imagine that mobile phones have some program in kind of list of my friends with all possible contacts, including usage of near range communications and this program is closely integrated with WEB-browser, content manager and with access to all available communication modules of mobile phone. Then there are several variants for additional income but with one pre-requirement – copyright of content is strictly defended:

  • Share with friend link to music composition or picture over Bluetooth. Bluetooth is Free of charge and if it’s possible easy to share links with friends, then many people share these, compare if they have to use SMS or whatever, for what they pay. Then some of friends will use this links. You as operator/content provider – have no costs, but additional downloads. This may be very popular not for commercial content, but for such things as blogs and online photo albums.
  • Can be offered some promo like share music with friend with half price. Technically it’s that your friends go to download same composition which you already have bought and when he downloading he use certificate key which is on your mobile, but this were transferred by Bluetooth – easy and free of charge. There can be option for watching online content or some MobileTV, that certificate is remains on your mobile and there must be constant Bluetooth connection among phones to ensure right of use for the friend’s phone.
  • Possible another variants like – (1) on payment terminal (ATM) you buy some content for cash or by credit card transaction and terminal send some unique code for access over Bluetooth (2) or contrary – you accessing some eBank system with your profile and account numbers and this open information together with this transaction number is transferring to cash register, that you do not need to write it by hand (3) some service devices like car navigation system, some component of clever house and so on is interacting with your mobile phone (can be advanced fixed phone in fact) by Bluetooth and initiating some session for accessing to service servers.


Important to understand that now is only Bluetooth available, but there can be used any near range communication protocol which will came in the future and similar to Bluetooth. Moreover, this new protocol can be with encryption protocols and/or with correlation to current telecommunication transaction, which will allow to have even more applications including usage together with government and financial networks (medicine, insurance, taxes and so on).

In future, if ideas of all-in-one software for Mobile Phones became very popular, then it’s quite possible we have special communication standards for different interactions. For example:

  • Bluetooth can be used as high level communication standard for smartphones,
  • ZigBee can be used for interaction with components of “clever house”,
  • Some kind of “secure Bluetooth” module will be used for service messages of low level interactions among phones,
  • Some kind of “secure WiFi” module will be used for service messages of low level interactions with corporate and government local networks. For example – on reception of hospital or in waiting area of bank or tax inspectorate. And so on.


Meantime, as you can see – even now there are lot off opportunities to run such service with present level of technologies and available service/content resources. It’s the only a question of will to make small script for mobile phones and make small changes in interface of content resources. Then, after promotion, you do nothing, but subscribers do and you (as operator or content provider) just earn money! Sound perfect?


What is important to understand is that earning money on these concomitant communications is a deal of small development and big marketing promotion. Such software client which will integrate phonebook, WEB-browser and Bluetooth access is simple and cheap to produce. Rest of services is already on the market. What is the job here is to popularize this software as ideology of usage of mobile phone.

Share you files, photos, blog records or links to interesting news, music, games then chat everywhere and be always online – such ideas must be promoted regarding mobile phones! Why spend money for promotion of regular voice calls?! Everybody knows that phone is for calls!

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