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Gadget as government/social scheduler


The target is to make mobile phone same as Government-Citizens tie, as these were radio in the beginning of 20th century and TV in the middle of 20th century. Whatever social benefits and importance are here, for us (telecom players) this fact means that same channel then can be used for advertisement too!

What is completely changed now, compare to all past century period, that people have now several place for living, several mobile phones and a lot of Internet contacts (social network profiles, chat and IRC accounts, Skype and so on). There are no more proprietary fixed mail address and fixed phone number. No more several TV and Radio channels. The World become multi-polar even within one country.

Meantime there is still necessity of Government to be in touch with citizens. One way is that Government shall inform people about key news, the other way is that for some government’s reason (like security, social politic, statistics & planning) it’s necessary that people always should be located and found.

It will be quite easy and logical to include mobile phone number in a regular profile of a citizen. But what to do with the first point – information share in direction from Government to Citizens? To do the same in fact! As most of the people have mobile phones, then government can and should provide some news and announcements via this channel! The key issue is that whatever information or advertisement which are considering now as spam, should be a normal thing if same information is distributed by government.

The important point is that under government we mean not a Federal Bureau of Investigations or Tax Inspection! NO! NO! NO! These guys have well enough opportunities to trace the information they need. The purpose of this service is information’s share about new social programs, personal tax accounting, elections’ information and various local municipal news. There are not only bad news, like tax increase, but even more important that there are good news for people. This is the key interest of government that people know about life improvements, on a regular basis! If people know and use good news, then they more inclined to keep the same guys in government.

Finally we have the situation, when people not so often watching TV and reading newspapers, but are kept informed on important government and social news. In fact, they may not have any other communication device, except a mobile phone. Good news for government and operators is that most of the people have mobiles, even if have no TV, radio and newspapers’ subscription.


However technically it’s possible to distribute mentioned news in any way – SMS, USSD and so on, but preferable way is to have a solution which is based on Universal Content Server (UCS). The benefits are the following:

· Structuring of the information – in menu you have different menu items and therefore it’s easier to find necessary article. With SMS it’s almost impossible and with USSD it’s too heavy traffic and slow connection of old TDM links.

· Possibility to have convenient and effective search engine. Same pro and cont, as for structuring.

· Possibility to get “receive confirmation” for the important messages. Same pro and cont, as for structuring, but with even more traffic reduction if use UCS.

· Important for operators and content providers – unique place for all the VASes, so it’s much easier to place advertisement.

One administrative aspect can be state like this – who should pay for the traffic and operations costs. As there is social function in this service, then it seems quite logical that government pays. However then there are always some regulations’ and administrations’ problems with placing the advertisement. Another opportunity is that operator pays but free for placing any legal advertisement. If system become popular, then this advertisement area will be quite expensive! What obviously is not good to do is that subscribers pay for such system, because they will try to find some news in cheap wireline broadband Internet.

Another administrative aspect is the question - who should lead development of this feature? From previous IT projects it’s possible to conclude that government should. This is quite logical and right, however this means spends of tax-payers’ money and we should have a legend for this innovation. From other side, as quite huge possible income is earning by telecom operators, then these can force processing and lobbying or even start first trials on their own account.

Notice about the money: Further development of this government sub-system in UCS and maturity of payment technologies may lead to global government oriented payment system. Then you may easily pay for electricity, water resources, gas, taxes, fees and some similar type of payments. This is in fact one revolutionary step in electronic payment systems, when this converts from strange content small payments to government and big corporations’ payment system. It will be very important event, when it happen! Reason why it’s important is because of the level of trust will be as firm as only possible any other payment in the exact country. Then it will be a Paradise for internet-shops and content-providers!


From the user point of view it’s the same well known (hopefully) UCS client with one additional menu item – “News from Government” with several sub items like “Taxes”, “New opportunities”, “Municipal legislation news”, “Municipal social activities”. Browsing here is free of charge, but same advertisement is on place. Some breaking news probably advertised on main page of UCS client. Finally it become like a TV – something is obligatory government advertisement, but when elections are ongoing, then UCS owner can earn a lot of money on political advertisement.

Some words about mobile phone as social scheduler. The issue is that UCS client can mark in mobile phone’s calendar some important municipal meetings, laws’ join in force dates, country wide social programs and things like elections or even state days off for the present year. Thing with scheduler is that there is clear picture of what and when happened, along with easy history browse. Then we have a kind of the Universal Newspaper which issues are always with citizen.


The Task for marketing gurus is to present such government born system as some Universal Boon and government care about quality of life. Happy people must show us how it’s easy and useful to use this system. For example – one manager got news about new custom fee for export cars and saved 20% of car price, another example – some happy grand mom has found the phone number of tech service, when there was break of pipe… And so on.


I will repeat once again – the World is changing! Just today we still have a situation when TV and Newspapers are window from Government to Citizens, but any Telco/IT professional can confirm that now it shifts to Internet and then further to mobile devices with some appropriate data format. It’s just a question of force decision, as mobile phones are really being a firm part of modern life and age of news receiving over TV and Newspapers is going down.


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