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This partition of the site is for description of new trends in gadgets development and possible operator’s business growth by using of new gadget’s functionality. The reason is that functionality is migrating from one type of devices to another. Therefore there is always an opportunity to think – how can be used this functionality to earn money for an operator or what feature to migrate and start earning more money.

Some existing examples:

  • Сell phone and PDA were separately and now we have the SmartPhone. It’s the greatest one example! In result we have a lot of GPRS traffic and applications, music and pictures downloads. It tells about money - earnings on traffic and content.

This gives also some specialized solutions like –

  • MP3 player functionality goes to cell phone with opportunity to download album info or entire MP3 compositions. Same situation for MPG4/3PG video players.
  • Internet Browser(s) of simple PDAs goes to cell phone and now we have WAP-internet.
  • Work with MS OFFICE documents on smartphone stimulates usage of GPRS for e-mail purpose and this letters are with “heavy” attachments.

There is also contrary situation when cellular communications go to gadgets other from cellular phone:

  • GPRS module in the car navigation system for tracing the traffic jam.
  • GPRS module for “smart house” or building security system.

What is possible to be right now, but has no widespread:

  • Use GPRS module in car multimedia or navigation system for RSS-news. It can be text on a screen or a computer generated speech. There is some earning on traffic and subscription fee. There can be a lot of news, e-books, even sending some moderate importance e-mails to your car’s multimedia center and then read/listen these when traffic jam.
  • Insert slow but cheap GPRS or WiFi module in e-book reader for downloading e-book announcements, RSS-news local location-based information. Now there are lot of devices based on e-ink which is simple and low power consumption. Then why not imply some simple module which is off by default and turning on by request or by schedule?! Cost of the module is negligible but earnings on traffic and subscription fee is quite good!
  • Initiate creation of games for smartphones with universal simple service. Most important is to provide easy interface for network games and may be provide these games free of charge. Then huge amount of money on GPRS traffic. Another variant – traffic is free by viewing advertisement. Anyway – it’s the money always from nothing.
  • Another thing is to implement good video subsystem in cellular phone and promote it as portable game device. Business same as game devices seller and games seller (an even can be outsourced) but games should have some options for usage of GPRS traffic, like – identification, net games, download themes, download new stages and so on.


Further articles in this partition will be dedicated to some conceptual gadgets which can spend mobile traffic and some ideas about how can be these gadgets introduced to regular telecom network. Ideas regarding real business using present and future gadgets – see in the partition Business cases examples.

More to come soon…

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