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New concept of the Fixed Mobile Convergence – or - FMC 2.0


New concept for the Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) is appeared because the World is changed since the time of appearing the FMC concept. Now we live in the World of mobile devices. For reach countries it’s became low cost and usual, for growing markets it’s seems that mobile devices will be the cheap gate to Internet (as many analytics say – Mobile Phone will be the first device for Internet Access for more than 1 Billion people in poor countries).

At present days we have the situation, that people more time in the move. More over, over 50% of Mobile Subscribers keep usage of mobile phone for outgoing calls, even when they are in home. Additionally, there is another direction of Voice Transmission – VoIP over Internet. So, fixed networks haven’t so much benefits compare to past.

Let me tell several words about the past.

· In the past we had expensive calls over Mobile Phone. So, people trying to avoid such calls. Even on the street (you may remember) people who have a mobile are used Public Call-Box and no one make calls over mobile when he/she is in home or in office.

· Meantime we had expensive mobiles devices itself, that device was one for the family or one for the department, that it was temporary given to someone who go for important event in the place where no fixed phones or limited possibility to call.

· Finally, there were are lot of places where you have no signal at all – neither even allusion that somewhere near is BTS installed. So, fixed phone on the reception of some distant village hotel was more stable guarantee of call, than personal mobile phone.

Eh!.. That was really the nice time for possibility of usage FMC, in terms of preferring fixed line phone. But, it was not the time!


Now let look at the benefits of FMC, which are propagandized in the age of HSPA, WiMAX and so on. These are mainly as the following:

· Presence Service and On-Line Status Service

· Cheap international calls over wireline IP network

· Unified short numbers for some local group of phones

· Unified menu commands (must be same on mobile phone and fixed phone)

Do you really think it’s something what private person needs? I quite doubt it’s true! Let me introduce my own feelings regarding mentioned benefits and then you may compare it with yours.

· May be I want sometimes to demonstrate that I’m busy with watching movie or went out to nature, but from other side I do not want to show always and to everybody my status of my actual businesses. Yes, it’s true that my boss wants to have it, but I prefer to tell each person the story which I consider as more suitable for this person. I think you understand me.

· For cheap calls I have PC and mobile clients on smartphone which using free WiFi. It’s cheap enough and quite convenient, whether I can’t use my regular contact book of mobile phone to make such calls. An of course I don’t really need a centralized billing, as it’s not to much bills to manage for my own. May be big corporations have some benefits with centralized contacts’ database and common billing, but I don’t care.

· What short numbers? I can use an opportunity of any cheapest mobile phone to assign Button “2” for mum and button “3” for dad. As a private person I do not understand the value of this feature. It maybe something for big corporations?..

· Same commands!.. Hmm… I even do not remember that I have used any command on my fixed phone. I using it just for calls. Yes! I’m sure - I have many commands on my mobile – check balance, change PRBT melody, turn on night calls with half price for some weekends, but I do not remember that I doing something like this on my fixed phone. I think it may be something for big companies, when you arranging different conferences, make call forwarding to other colleague…



So, as you can see from the partition above, whatever benefit is appearing in FMC, it’s related to some corporate interests and benefits. Some features are useless for the private person, while some others are such features, that private person even ready to pay to avoid using this. These facts lead to the base issue, what gives us the proper trend for development and marketing of FMC. This trend is – to the Corporate World!

Corporate World, if we telling about TOP managers and shareholders are willing to implement all these features – whether employee likes these or not.

· Check what subordinate doing. Meantime it’s not what he/she says, but stated by incorruptible computer.

· Avoid crazy bills for corporate mobile phones,

· Meantime there is a better possibility to have better control on who, when and to whom making calls

· Unified services and menu commands will allow to engage a person even if he/she is in business trip or in the way home. The idea itself is a dream of exploiter, and there is pleasant cost reduction, by the way.



Resume is quite simple – all the efforts in FMC should be pointed to shoot corporate market!

Do you still trying to promote FMC to your 70 years old neighbor who live on the floor above or to teenager who live in the door next you? No need! This chance is missed! Now you have to join FMC 2.0 promotion and you client is at least the owner of Pizza delivery company, who wants to be sure that his guys on moped are in the way to clients and not wasting time. If your client will be company like Wallmart, Nike or Danone, then FMC 2.0 is something what will makes you billionaire of millionaire.

In other words – now we have clear state of affairs, that R&D, strategy development, marketing activities and investments in general should be targeted to the Corporate market only. Keep putting efforts on the market of private persons is just wasting money.

Even more influence is for the vendors, who are suppliers of mobile devices – private person will be have quite sad estimation of brand, which offering strange useless services or even devices which catch users to corporate burden. So, promotion and advertisement of FMC should be done to Corporate World only, as present promotion to private persons is even more generator of “talks about the Big Brother”, than just wasting marketing resources.

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