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All the content of this WEB-site is the Intellectual Property of Oleg Dubinin. All the examples on the technologies or exact products are gotten from the Open Sources. Meantime, all the mentioned trade marks, registered marks and brand names are the Intellectual Property of the corresponding owners.

However I have worked and keep working now in Telecom Vendors - I state that I do not use internal or confidential Vendors' materials for the content of this WEB-site or when answering questions or consult regarding the content. Same restrictions are valid on the information I have regarding Operators' Business with which I have worked, working now or will be working in the future.

All the materials (entirely or partly) which are taken from this WEB-site for reprint, copying, presenting or other reuse must be done with citating the following copyright's statement - " - © Oleg Dubinin".

Additional Request - if materials from this WEB-site are taken for reprint, copying, presenting or other reuse are used for earning money (directly - like materials sells, usage of described projects, business cases or ideas for the implementation and in other cases, - or not directly - like earnings on advertisement, fee for lections or presentation, negotiating in some 3rd party favor and in other cases) then this action can be done only after written aproval of the owner of this WEB-site - Oleg Dubinin!

In any case - please don't hesitate to contact me for clarification of COPYRIGHT and other related questions!


Best regards,

Oleg Dubinin

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