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My Name is Oleg Dubinin. I was born in 1980 and living in Russia. Since school years I have interest in computers and the English language, therefore I have started my career in ...telecom business on vendors’ side.

Since 2003 I have worked in the following companies:

  • Huawei / Field Engineer for GSM/CDMA core product line,
  • Alcatel / Pre-Sales Engineer for GSM/NGN core product line
  • Lucent / Regional BID manager for all the products (yet mainly had deal with mobile core and mobile packet access)
  • And then the same position in merged Alcatel-Lucent

Then I supposed to try myself in some small national companies in the role of Marketing Manager and Business Development Manager. But hese attempts were not so successful in fact. So now I’m in telecom again and working in Ericsson as Technical Solution Manager for Mobile Core product line.

Just few words about my education:

  • Year 2003 – I have finished my first University with specialty “Engineer of Computer Systems” and diploma topic – “Integration of CAD systems and Relational Databases
  • Year 2006 – I have finished my second University with specialty “General Management of a Company” and diploma topic – “Activities for Marketing Optimization”.
  • From the year 2004 till now I have took part in several short courses like “Effective Presentation skills”, “Negotiation skills”, “Optimal Management by P. Drucker” along with vendors’ internal trainings regarding the exact telecom products and solutions.

Searching for interesting job! Product Management, Marketing and some Sales Support or Business Development, which are similar to these activities.

I'm searching in Ericsson and outside of Ericsson. In Russia and all around the Earth. Most imortant is how interesting the exact job position!

Need to now more about me? Ask for the Resume!

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