In continue to the Business Case – Femto-MVNO there will be examined several variants of usage of alternative Femto Cell Network, where main priority is the Subscription Based services. Idea is that some provider organize Femto Cell Network, similar to Wi-Fi or WiMAX, where all the mobile terminals (for example GSM or WCDMA mobile phones) can register without using HLR, HSS, IMSI or IMEI, but finally access possibility is decided on some application registration (login and password).

What kind of network can it be? There are many variants, and these can be used for different purpose – earning money, advertisement purpose, solving social tasks, security issues. Below will be provided several examples grouped by mentioned types.

Earning money:

· In the center of the city and/or in biggest mall and business centers there is a network of some WEB-portal with access to this WEB-portal only. Access can be paid by special subscription on this WEB-portal (without billing for the connection itself) or can be paid through advertisement which additionally demonstrates on the exact WEB-portal. This concept perfectly fits businesses of such Internet Resources like –,, Skype, ICQ and some search engines like Yahoo or Google.

· Search engines can use then location information for providing some sort of the information like “requested resources close to you”.

· Network in center of the city can serve touristic business. This network provides city guide and some location based services. Anyway – here is the only access to one exact WEB-portal and services provided by this WEB-portal. Income based on selling tourist access cards, on placing advertisement or on mix of both methods, by doing tourist’s card price accessible to every traveler.

· Any mentioned above project can provide extra fee service of access to regular Internet. Can be quite popular, as any traveler has a mobile phone. Price will be anyway cheaper than for roaming GPRS.

Advertisement purpose:

· General idea is to provide free access to one or several WEB-sites over Femto Cell Network for anyone. It can be any sort of WEB-sites – touristic, entertainment, news, WEB-portals. Business case here based on the fact, that overall costs are less than income based on placing additional advertisement. Then you (as owner of such a business) even have to be owner of any content resource. Main tasks are to have some cheap connection to several WEB resources (direct connection without paying for Internet) and wide popularity of access service.

· Same concept for some event like exhibition or business conference. Network deployed in some business center, access granted to some useful WEB resources (or even entire Internet) while advertisement is placed by the exact participants in special window. Profit is the delta of access and deployment costs and income from advertisement.

Social tasks:

· Municipal government deploy Femto Cell Network in some poor district with access to government WEB-sites, that people have possibility to have information about present social programs, legal consultancy, medical insurance and so on. There even not necessary to check subscription or register in some real operator’s network, as access is only to specific social oriented resources.


As we can see – there are lot of services where can be used Femto Cell Networks, without integration these to operator’s network and even without any registering in such users databases like HLR or HSS. This concept are quite similar to free Wi-Fi spots, but with possibility to use just mobile phone instead of Notebooks or SmartPhones. This opportunity causes such applications like tourism (no need to carry notebook of search for Wi-Fi spots) or access for poor layers of society (moreless simple mobile phone is quite easy to buy, compare to smartphone or notebook).