This WEB-site is dedicated to telecom related inventions, technologies and services, and what is important it's about the idea of how to increase income of the operator or content provider by usage of the above mentioned topics.

Here you can find various thoughts, comments, articles and even complete solutions about new things and trends in telecom networks. Several important issues which go through all the WEB-site:

-         Development of Value Added Services (VAS),

-         Business cases examples of possible end-user services,

-         How to increase ARPU,

-         Marketing ideas related to telecom and IT

Remark: Additionally it is supposed to be some material related to earning money by gadget producers or non-telecom companies which are going to use telecom services for the income increase.


It is important to notice that this is the telecom professionals' oriented resource.

-         The reader should have some professional telecom background and understand at least the present ways of telecom services implementation.

-         Then, it will be good if the reader has a common IT insight and the fact of the matter of ideas such as IP-telephony, Fixed-Mobile Convergence, Mobile Broadband Access and similar new spirit of the times.

-         Finally, it will be good if the reader is an end-user of the present telecom services (VAS), however this resource is not so interesting just for regular end-users (or subscribers, as these are calling in telecom).

However, for the investors, which are not so involved in IT/Telecom, I used, as much as possible, some clear common usage explanations and comparisons.


Finally let's briefly overview the structure of this WEB-site