I think that most of you are familiar with the situation, when some bright idea (or at least the one worthy to try) is going to dusty closet, because of bureaucracy or stubborn attitude. Remember, that in this moment you were willing to have just a bit more power or resources. Just several steps to be done and everybody around see – how brilliant was this offcast idea!..

- What with this feature in competitors’ solutions?

- Oh! You are right, they have more weak, but can you please provide some numerical value?

- Are you 100% sure this value is 100% correct?

- You are right, that no one can be 100% sure. Please provide us parametric Business Case.

- We have played with parameters and got too wide range for the margins, we can see. We have to think…

But then, after thinking there are other parameters, features, options to estimate, analyze, calculate… This is logical steps, sure. However, one thing is permanent – infinite iterations on proving that the idea is some perfect zero risk business (which is nonsense by default!). However, there are even worse situations, when some one telling – Yes, I see the niche here, but I feel that your idea is not good. I don’t know alternative variants, just your idea is weak (too strange, too cheap, too expensive, and so on).

Therefore I see only the one way to make my ideas live – complete trial projects, implement basic functionality for commercial projects, and develop working models for sophisticated ideas. The problem is – these actions need some financing. It’s not billions or either millions of USD, yet still amounts which I haven’t.

No donation process for a while... ;)



The solution I have found in one questionnaire in the blog of social network. One guy asked – how to become a millionaire? Along many answers (which in general were jokes or mokery), I found one bright – You have to do some small good thing to 1 million of people, that each gives you 1 Dollar. That’s it!


It’s really some worthy to think about. 1 USD is nothing for almost anyone. For the people from IT, Telecom, venture companies even 10 USD means nothing, in general. Same thing is valid for myself!


There is bad news – I have not millions of readers. But there is good news – I do not need o be a millionaire to complete most of my projects. Finally, if each visitor of my WEB-site gives just any small amount, comfortable for the mind – I can easily develop a project or two!


Let’s look at this from other side – imagine that You and me have a meeting at morning, where I describing idea of new Start-Up. We both ordered a cup of coffee (2 USD each, at least) or even have some light breakfast, during negotiation (5-10 USD per each person, even in fast-food caf?).


In fact, we even not calculate this money. It’s just some generic thing. But now it’s almost the same – I have stated my ideas openly, I give comments and clarifications on LinkedIn and finally it’s even not one idea, but a lot of!


Final semi-serious alternatives, which I can offer – be healthy and care about yourself.

- Your doctor does not recommend you to drink coffee. Nice! It’s 2 USD.

- Do you plan to be sporty before coming vacation? Miss just one of many lunches in fast-food, and there is 10 USD.



As my WEB-site is dedicated to Value Added Services in Telecom, then donation system is SMS based. It seems to be quite convenient, fast and safe solution.


Another point is that this exact system offering you a wide range of values, so you may choose one, which is comfortable to you.


Please press the button and follow the instructions.



I will be really thankful for anyone, who will donate! Please be aware, meantime, that it is not just money! The alternative, I’m offering is to be co-creator and be contiguous to new ideas, new projects and new technologies, instead of having just one more cup of tea/coffee or some unnecessary lunch in fast-food.