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Why this WEB-project has been started

Several years ago I have developed a project for one government innovations competition. This time I had working in Lucent as BID manager (with functions of pre-sales technical and administrative management) and I had deals with mobile core in general. This project I have developed because more and more each time I thinking about why the operators have to invest in such things (which are pushing from vendors’ side) as EV-DO and HSPA improvement, NGN, IMS and things like this. For NGN and IMS I had think exactly - is it only OPEX savings on IP compare to TDM or it can be something more? And I got for myself that now it’s the time for incredible services!


So, it was a business plan about mass usage of mobile VPN service for cellular packet networks. Idea is to sell box product for small and medium companies as this service is quite expensive to them if they wish to develop one his own. From internal point of view this project is made of the fact that we make one this big corporate project with some additions in administrative part and then sell it in retail as service. Retail sales VS gross purchase is the classic variant of business when you buy many items cheaper and then sell parts more expensive.


This business plan was complete and had including all aspects of business: technical part, administrative regulations, commercial and marketing calculations. The thing is that according to the calculations there were about 2200% (two thousand two hundred percent) of investments return within three years! Amazing IRR and no obvious mistakes in plan have led to the fact that I was one of the winners in this competition. But, as this was a kind of science and ideas competition so, I was granted with diploma and the project was nominated in TOP20 projects for searching the Investors. But no real investments for the project I have got then…


Within passing years I have trying to offer this project to a lot of investors and telecom corporations. I have had giving additional explanations, calculating different cases and so on. For one investor finally we came (by the very strange way) to the business model when this mass product (even possible to say – retail or box product) were transformed to “last mile” for sales representatives of the big international corporations. But there were requirement that product and team are exist already. For other investors I have removed some HW development, increase costs in line with most bad forecast and simplify all the services – then Investment Return is dropped down to just 120% per 3 years. Now we are in slow negotiation phase, due to the world crisis. Now we are forming a team, looking for the new marketing facts…


And finally – while I have thinking about how this product can be used and what additional value it brings to customers, then I had start to think about other additional services for mobile network and then to fixed network and all telecom related participants in general. Some ideas were just as ideas, the others were quite a complete but I decided that to develop business plans and search for the investors can be no so good idea and just wasting the time. At least at now days, while the world financial crisis is ongoing.


Then my decision was to offer my ideas for free access!

  • In discussions the ideas can be improved
  • or even revised and transformed to new ideas.
  • I can consult about the described additional services’ details (for free)
  • or I can develop new exact service for the exact company (for fee).
  • Then finally it can be a better way to find investments or start joint venture if I can attract an attention of Telecom Corporations.



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