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Good thing of computing is that huge performance now available for small cost. Real time video and audio recalculation and 2D/3D graphics and voice generation is not a job of super computers, but can be done even on i80486 processor. Do not believe?

Along with modern games which requires 1Gb of 800MHz memory, dual core or even quad core processors and even 4Gb operating memory, there is still huge amount of multimedia applications which can be processed far weak systems, because of … usage in mobile applications. Even more, if remove pure HD video recalculation routines, then most of multimedia applications for mobile can be converting by i80486 or even i80386 processors in real time.

What king of recalculations/converting I speak about? There is a lot of applications in transforming music and pictures to text, video to pictures, text to voice and vice versa, text to pictures and schemes. All this possible if implemented wide and various usage of meta data. What exactly applications can be is better show on the following examples:

· When selecting pictures from mobile device it’s can be more convenient that in search results there is just small icon (or no icon at all) and smart description like – “Blue flower in center, in focus. On backward and out of the focus are grass and flowers of different colors. All flowers are of wild forest. File available up to 3200x2600x24bit”.

· Then, if search done when hands are busy, same metadata can be read by voice synthesizer.

· When selecting video on a screen of mobile phone it’s more convenient that the user has several screen shoots and/or formal plot description.

· It’s possible that text data which describing some route, can synthesize a picture (scheme) using vector metadata. The same when picture preview is generating from metadata, in some manner like this


generating picture


· What is important even more – metadata can be used for high intellectual and precise search!


Technical base for this service can be cluster of cheap processor servers or cloud computing technology. Good thing for us is that main players of servers’ development are actively promoting these technologies now. It includes guidance development, trainings and promotion of such calculations/programming ways.

In terms of server side - this service is a pure IT project, i.e. can be done by programmers which know nothing about telecom.

In contrast to clear technical side, with administrative routines we can have a lot of problems! First of all – must be developed some unique metadata language and compatible search engine. This is the question of managing at least following specialists – marketing, linguists, mathematics and finally – programmers. Yet main “die hard” is that this must be same standard for at least whole operator, better if unique for main players in country/region and ideally – world-wide standardized!

Another option, while WEB/WAP content will be accomplishing (during several years) with proper standardized metadata format, it’s possible to have own indexing, conversion and content properties recognition using 3rd party solutions, like music genre detection, face recognition and so on. This seems to be a bit expensive way in terms of CAPEX, but in fact it can be the cheapest solution to widespread service everywhere, without wide advertisement in B2B sector and without a fuss (which can be heard by competitors).


There are two main marketing points:

· The Subscriber has new convenient service with plenty of information and extremely new generation search engine

· The Subscriber has great savings on traffic, compare to existing on-line services. Meantime, useful information share remains almost the same.

However there is a good thing for operators, that both points are just some marketing! Real income will be even more, than if keep existing services. Let us have a look on the marketing points from another side:

· New convenient service will shift search of multimedia from Desktop/Laptop to smartphones, thus overall traffic will grow up too, however traffic per search one necessary item (exact picture, video or music file) will be reduced.

· Examples on saving for big files (like video or hires photos) is good, but overall traffic will grow due to this metadata information. Most probably that metadata content will be kind of XML and we have 1-2 additional kilobyte per each multimedia item (previews of picture, video, music, article, e.t.c.). Meantime, people keep old habits for the first time, and even with metadata they will remain to use download of previews and samples.

In result we have new wave (or new put) in wider usage of mobile internet on mobile devices, which results in more traffic paid by subscribers.

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